Easter Basket Fillers for Teen Boys

Easter Basket Fillers for Teen Boys

These Easter Basket Fillers for Teen Boys should definitely help you make the best Easter Baskets. I really do wish they could stay little forever because the older they get the more difficult it gets to figure out what to buy for them. So, what do you put in a teen or tween boy Easter basket?

Check out the ideas below to find some great ideas for boys with varying interests.

I have some fun teen boy Easter Basket ideas lined up for you. If you’re a busy mom these suggestions should have you covered.

Easter Basket Fillers for Teen Boys

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  1. The Super Easy Teen Cookbook
  2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
  3. Boomerang Frisbee
  4. Cross Leather Bracelet
  5. Magnetic Rings Fidget Toy
  6. Magnet Fidget Pen
  7. Easter T-Shirt
  8. Lip Balm
  9. Rainbow Puzzle Ball
  10. Pajama Pants 
  11. Throw Pillow Covers & Gamer Socks
  12. Gaming Blanket

Use raffia paper as a filler to start off the Easter baskets and you can always add some of their favorite treats to finish off the basket.

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