• Easter Basket Fillers for Babies

    Easter Basket Fillers for Babies

    Easter Baskets for babies are very easy to put together. Although there are endless items I could add to this list, I’ve gathered some Easter Basket Fillers for Babies that I think are practical and not going overboard. At this age they don’t care about getting gifts yet, but it’s a real nice tradition to start. Easter Basket Fillers for Babies Note: When you click links in this post, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Even though the images are clickable, I’ve linked the items below. If you liked the post, please leave a comment, and I’d really appreciate if you could share this post…


    Easter Baskets For Kids

    Putting together Easter Baskets for kids has always been so fun. There are always things kids need, whether it’s something small like lip balm or stationery, or more expensive items like shoes and clothes. I try to use special occasions throughout the year as excuses to get them things that they need, that way you don’t get them junk either. I find that they show more appreciation if they receive it as “gifts” instead of just getting something in a shopping bag. There will be a series of posts because there were simply too many items to include in one post. Here’s the first one to get you started. Easter…

  • All About Eyes

    All About Eyes

    This post I wanted to make all about eyes, after all, eyes are the window to the soul. Although that’s not the main reason I wanted to get into this topic. Eyes are one of the first places your skin starts to show aging. The skin around your eyes is quite thin and requires delicate care. A lot can be seen about your health by just looking at your eyes. Your eyes show if you’re dehydrated, sleep deprived, low on iron, the list really can go on and on. Although those issues are best discussed with your primary care doctor if you have any concerns. I wanted to focus more…

  • Care Basket Ideas

    Care Basket Ideas

    Having a care basket handy has been so helpful to relieve symptoms while you or a loved one become sick. You could make care baskets for yourself, your child or even to give as a gift. These ideas will make recovering a little easier because you have everything that you need within reach. I’ve been putting these care baskets together for as long as I can remember. It started with me being hospitalized quite often. I’ve always felt the need to have items to make me comfortable on hand and in one place. Although I have found that this works for most scenarios and has especially come in handy for…

  • Valentine's Day Sweet Treats
    FOOD,  Sweet

    Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats

    Here are a few fun ideas for Valentine’s Day sweet treats. These can be made ahead of time, enjoyed on the day or even be beautifully packaged to give as gifts for teachers, friends and family. They’re all fairly easy and something that kids of just about any age will enjoy helping with. These Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats are all very versatile, so you don’t need to limit yourself to Valentine’s decorations. Switch up the sprinkles and colors to use for any special occasion or holiday. 1. Chocolate Banana Sundae Bites Recipe inspired by Emilie from Finding Zest Serves: 8-10 Bites Ingredients Instructions These can be assembled without cupcake picks or…

  • Valentine's Day Desserts
    FOOD,  Sweet

    Valentine’s Day Desserts

    Are you looking for some easy, yet elegant Valentine’s desserts? Whether you are going to be celebrating Galentine’s day with your best friends, spending quality time with a special someone or just enjoying the day with family, it’s an excellent excuse to indulge in delicious food and decadent desserts. I’ve got some of my favorite Valentine’s day desserts that I’m sure you’ll absolutely love. Get ready to start indulging that sweet tooth… 1. Oreo Cookies and Cream No-Bake Cheesecake Serves: 6-12 INGREDIENTS CRUST CHEESECAKE INSTRUCTIONS CRUST CHEESECAKE 2. Chocolate Mousse Cup Hearts I found this recipe by Beth from Hungry Happenings. I prefer to use instant or store bought chocolate mousse,…