Easter Basket Fillers for Babies

Easter Basket Fillers for Babies

Easter Basket Fillers for Babies

Easter Baskets for babies are very easy to put together. Although there are endless items I could add to this list, I’ve gathered some Easter Basket Fillers for Babies that I think are practical and not going overboard. At this age they don’t care about getting gifts yet, but it’s a real nice tradition to start.

Easter Basket Fillers for Babies

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Even though the images are clickable, I’ve linked the items below.

  1. Pink Praying Musical Bunny
  2. Bunny Teether
  3. Girl’s Long Sleeve Crewneck Bodysuit
  4. Girl’s Rainbow Blanket
  5. Easter Lift-a-Flap Board Book
  6. Hide & Squeak Eggs
  7. Wind-up Bath Toys
  8. Musical Teething Bunny
  9. Wooden Carrot Toy Set
  10. Construction Site: Spring Delight Easter Book
  11. Boy’s Animal Blanket
  12. Boy’s Long Sleeve Crewneck Bodysuit
  13. Koala Teether
  14. Blue Praying Musical Bunny

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